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Stock plan outsourcing is not only where the biggest things are happening here at SOS, but we are also the fastest growing outsourcer in the equity compensation industry. With all the expertise it takes to run a stock plan, it is becoming next to impossible for most companies to manage things in house…which is where we come in.

Join us to learn more about how SOS can make your stock plan challenges disappear.

In This Special Webcast, You Will Hear

  • What makes SOS Outsourcing different and better than any other way you could manage your stock plans
  • How our service will be customized to meet your company-specific requirements and equity plans

  • From our customers, who couldn’t be happier after making the decision to use SOS

  • Why we are the only truly complete outsourcing solution in the industry

  • What we will do for you on the legal/Section16 and Financial Reporting side

  • Who makes up our team

  • How our implementation sets us up with our clients as partners, and ensures a fully integrated solution

  • About our pricing


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SOS Solutions Webcast

SOS Stock Plan Outsourcing
December 06, 2016

(As this is a webcast dealing with SOS products and services, NO continuing education credit is available for attending.)