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We’re scratching the surface on stock administration (and what is all included in this multi-faceted role) in this “back to basics” session. We’ll dive into how to enroll in an ESPP, the definition of a stock option, what a restricted stock award is, and more. The reports you’ll need to run, taxes you’ll have to pay, and what should be on your checklist will all be detailed in this educational webcast.

So Quotable: "Stock administration is relevant to finance as it touches so many areas, from payroll tax withholding to common stock outstanding to valuation of granted equity.  We are very excited to share our knowledge of the basics with you to further your understanding of this field that is so important to employees."
-Carol Rose-Guerin, Stock & Option Solutions


SOS Educational Webcast

Basic Training: A Day in the Life of a Stock Admin

October 26, 2017

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