The talk has begun and management has given you the heads up that a spin-off in your company is on the horizon. You realize your equity instructions are missing a section describing how to run a spin cycle and you are unsure how much detergent to add, if you need to set the timer or which buttons to push. Will your blues remain blue or will they become gray?

This webcast will provide an understanding of how a spin-off can impact equity awards and how the decisions made by management can result in complicated and burdensome administration as well as extensive participant communication. Our panel will share some of the pain points they recently encountered, providing you with the knowledge to help you ask the right questions and hopeful avoid fading.



When companies prepare for a spin-off, the equity treatment doesn’t seem to be on the top of the issues list but ultimately ends up being one of the more complicated processes in the backroom during the spin-off. The equity team not only has an enormous amount of work to do pre-spin but post-spin the work can be even more challenging.

-Julie Kenia, CEP,
Stock & Option Solutions

Spin-offs seem to be the hottest trend in corporate transactions, but the administration, accounting and employee communications are rarely discussed, presenting challenges for the equity team.

-Sorrell Johnson, CEP,
Stock & Option Solutions

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The Spin Cycle: Don't Let Your Transaction Fade

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