Whether it’s a split or a reverse split, stock splits should be easy, right? Turns out that these transactions that look easy at the outset really aren’t. Our panelists have worked on a number of splits over the past few years and will share their key lessons and experiences. Even if your company doesn’t have a split planned, you should attend this session and file this information away in your equity compensation toolbox. 

This webcast will explain why splits are so complicated and how some advanced planning and preparation can make all the difference. Whether you are outsourced to a full-service provider or managing your plan in-house, there are key areas that are still relevant to your planning and reconciliation process. Which reports should you run before and after the split? How much time does it take to process a split? What is the best way to be really prepared for the split? Our panelists will answer these questions and many more! 


So many clients seem to think that a split will take just a few minutes. And they're right - in processing time. But there is a whole lot more work that should go into the reconciliation and data correction process to make sure your data is clean before and after you process the split. We're excited to share our experiences and educate our clients about the RIGHT way to manage a split.

Elizabeth Dodge, CEP
Stock & Option Solutions

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SOS Educational Webcast

Stock Splits: Easy Peasy... Not So Fast...

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(One hour of Certified Equity Professional continuing education credit is available for attending. See the CEPI website for more information on CEP continuing education requirements.)

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How SOS Can Help

Stock & Option Solutions, Inc. can help you with your stock split by providing end-to-end management of the whole process or assisting with any specific tasks upon request. Some of the ways we can help include: 

  • Reviewing Plan Documents for Anti-dilution Provisions
  • Reviewing Split Provisions (Tax Matters) and Suggesting Updates
  • Providing end-to-end management of the stock split process
  • Assisting with Employee Communications
  • Providing Section 16 Support
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