Is this your first time involved in the proxy filing?  At a new company where stock manages the annual shareholder meeting?  Clueless regarding where to start and who to talk to for D&O questionnaire information?  If the answer to any of these questions is yes, this session is for you.  We will discuss the process from a beginner’s perspective starting with the D&O questionnaires through the proxy filing and finally on to the annual shareholder meeting.  We will talk about the stakeholders involved in each part of the process and what information they provide, including the role of outside service providers.   


For so many of us, the proxy is just a task on our yearly list.  We run reports detailing stock activity for the Board of Directors and executive officers and send it to the lawyers.  Few of us really have insight into the overall annual meeting process, of which the proxy is one part.  With more and more stock administrators coming from various backgrounds, it is time to pull back the curtain to reveal the whole process instead of just talking about the tables in the document.  

Sorrell Johnson
Stock & Option Solutions


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Proxy Project Primer:

A Beginner's Guide to the Proxy and Annual Meeting Process

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(One hour of Certified Equity Professional continuing education credit is available for attending. See the CEPI website for more information on CEP continuing education requirements.)

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