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We have made stock administration simple, by offering the most comprehensive outsourcing service in the marketplace. Between the burdens of ever-changing regulations / compliance, tax accounting, legal, communication, and system requirements. Why entrust this function with someone who already has a full plate and has anything less than the highest level of expertise? If stock administration is a part-time need for your company, then outsourcing some or all of your administration makes a lot of sense. You get full-time stock plan expertise without the full-time cost. 

SOS stock plan outsourcing completely integrates with your company‚Äôs operational structure and stock plan system (Equity Edge Online, Certent, CapMx, Solium Shareworks, Fidelity, Schwab Equiview, spreadsheets, or other industry software). We will work with your HR, payroll, finance, accounting, legal and executives to get each group what they need from your equity plans. 


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Your Account Manager

Your dedicated account manager receives support from our team of administrators and subject matter experts to handle all facets of your equity programs.

  • Day-to-day administration
  • Employee transactions
  • Liaison between transfer agents, brokers, auditors and outside legal counsel
  • End-to-end purchase processing
  • Equity accounting
  • Financial and ad-hoc requests and/or reports
  • Policy and procedure enhancements
  • SOX documentation updates
  • Section 16 assistance
  • Capitalization table management and reconcilliation
  • Participant support, communications and education
  • 6039 reporting
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