The humble ESPP is enjoying a resurgence of interest. But, has your plan kept up with the current fashion, or is your plan starting to look a little dated? While not as radical as the TV makeovers, this session provides a host of ideas for your ESPP. Whether your plan needs just a touch up, or a whole new look, this panel identifies a wide range of ESPP design fixes, focusing on the potential effect on participation, the possible impact to your administration, and the likely accounting cost. Getting the right look for your plan will help you leverage your ESPP as an important mechanism for attracting and retaining talent in a market that is increasingly competitive. By mixing and matching, you can find a whole new look for your plan, that fits just right in your budget.



ESPPs are all the rage these days. From brand new IPOs to long-established blue chips, we're seeing companies adding ESPPs and changing up the old style ESPPs they've had in place for years. Emily and I are both passionate about ESPPs as an equity vehicle that can deliver amazing value to participants and their employers while keeping expense and admin costs low.

-Elizabeth Dodge
Stock & Option Solutions

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Extreme Makeover: ESPP Edition

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(One hour of Certified Equity Professional continuing education credit is available for attending. See the CEPI website for more information on CEP continuing education requirements.)

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How SOS Can Help:

Stock & Option Solutions Professional Resources can help you makeover your employee stock purchase plan. A few of the many ways we can help include:
  • Review and revise your proposed ESPP plan document before it is approved to simplify and streamline administration
  • Accounting for ESPPs, including modification accounting for increases, resets, and rollovers
  • Online enrollment
  • Automating file exchanges between enrollment, stock plan, and payroll systems
  • Outsourcing: SOS can take over your ESPP program from end-to-end 
  • ESPP Expensing Edge
  • Providing 6039 services and solutions