Does the prospect of compiling your annual disclosures under ASC 718 make you feel defeated and deflated? Let our expert panel help you wrestle those rankling requirements to the ground!

This session will take you through the basic disclosure requirements of ASC 718, point out common errors (including disclosures that some companies perform in error), and show you easy ways to calculate any additional disclosures your system doesn’t provide. In addition we’ll show you how to audit system calculations for some troublesome disclosures (such as the terror-inspiring “vested and expected to vest”).



We get a lot of questions about disclosures every year. Many companies misread the standard and try to disclose data points that are not required, so their system doesn't perform the calculation. Others need to audit the reports on the data points their systems do provide. We'll be attempting to answer all those questions, and more, during this webcast.

-Elizabeth Dodge
Stock & Option Solutions

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Defeat Disturbing and Dastardly Disclosures!

Stock & Option Solutions

(One hour of Certified Equity Professional continuing education credit is available for attending. See the CEPI website for more information on CEP continuing education requirements.)

How SOS Can Help

Stock & Option Solutions can help you with your disclosure troubles with: 

  • Custom applications to create disclosures not supported by your system
    • Early exercise
    • Prospective adoption of ASC 718
    • Restricted Stock Units additional disclosures
    • Additional disclosures as required by auditors
  • Disclosure review/determination of minimum disclosure requirements
  • Audit/proof of disclosure reports
  • Support for auditor questions on disclosure reports
  • Disclosure training (requirements and/or systems)
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